A Bibliography of Personal Names
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Note: This version of New Bib is a working version. We are in the process of adding new items. We wish to thank Enzo Caffarelli, editor of Rivista Italiana d’Onomastica and Frank Nuessel, editor of Names for their help and cooperation. This site is intended to function as a supplement to previous bibliographies (Lawson, Personal Names and Naming, Greenwood, 1987 and Lawson, More Names and Naming, Greenwood, 1995). Because of copyright restrictions, items from those bibliographies are not available on line here.

The bibliography by Elsdon C. Smith is an excellent source of onomastic items prior to 1952. He put the book in the public domain.
An edited version of it is on online at Smith Bibliography

Note to Authors: If you have an item that you would like to have considered for listing, you can send it to: Ed Lawson, 23 Westerly Drive, Fredonia, NY 14063, USA or by e-mail to It would be helpful to have an abstract. If the item is in a language other than English, please give a translation in English. Abstracts in languages other than English are welcome. It is also helpful if the authors would select some keywords that they think would be helpful for someone searching by category. 

Osvaldo Chinchon
Fawzi Yaqub
Bernie Gerling
Thomas Morrissey

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